Did you know your liver has a clock?

Your liver does a lot for you but it doesn't do all of them equally at the same time.

Your liver does certain work more at certain times. If you heed your liver's in-built clock, you will make things easier for your liver and better for your health.

Bile production is highest at 9am.

Working with your liver's clock

Scientists are beginning to recognise that the liver has a cycle.

Your liver synthesises complex chemicals and processes toxins most when bile production is lowest. Similarly, bile production is highest when chemical synthesis and toxin processing is lowest.

Because most food is eaten during the day, bile production is highest in the day.

Chemical synthesis is highest at 9pm.

The Clock

  • Bile production is assumed to be highest at 9am and lowest at 9pm.
  • Switch-over from bile production to chemical synthesis starts around 3pm.
  • Switch-over from chemical synthesis to bile production starts around 3am.

Taking heed of your liver's clock

  • Eat during the hours when your liver is producing most bile.
  • Avoid large meals after 9pm.
  • Try to get to sleep around 9pm.

Hepatitis Central, 6 July 2010 - Working with Your Liver's Clock Benefits Hepatitis C by Nicole Cutler, L.Ac.

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